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Click HERE to find out more about the new CCPC Connect Mobile app.
On this page you will find helpful information on how to use this exciting new tool in the Central College Church family.  "How-To" documents are listed first.  You can open or download and print these documents to help with specific aspects of Your Connect Online Account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) are listed below that.
Discover something that you are not sure about?  Then, just call the church office at 614-882-2347 and you will be directed to a staffer  who can talk to you.
How To  
Create An Account
the First Time
Update My Info pdf
Connect Information Sheet for Groups/ Ministries/Classes pdf
This form can be used to let the church office know of a group, ministry or class that exists but does not show up on the Connect Page, or to update an existing group, ministry or class.
If you share an e-mail account with your spouse and/or family: Connect online uses your e-mail address as your login ID.  As a security measure, Connect will not allow you to create an online account if your e-mail address is attached to more than one person in the system. So we have removed any duplicate e-mail addresses in the system.
However, once you have created an account, you can go to each family member's Connect page and put the shared e-mail address back into the system.  Please be sure to do this, so you don't miss any e-mails!
My Info tab  
Q. Why do you need my Date of Birth and can everyone see it? A.  Knowing your date of birth provides helpful demographic information for the church leadership and their decision-making.  You can see your date of birth on you own Connect Online page, but others in the online church directory cannot.  Date of birth information is available to church staff.
Include In Directory
Q. I notice that there are 2 buttons to include information in the directory.  What information is each for?
A. The Include In Directory button in the Personal Information area indicates that YOUR name and photo (if included) and any unlocked information in the Communications area will be included in the Online Directory.  The same decision must be made for each family member.  Information for each family member can be chosen  with the drop-down box at the top right of the page.  The Other Include In Directory button is in the HOUSEHOLD area.  Choosing YES there means that your address and family photo (if included) will appear in the online directory.